Edible Podcast LGBTQ Music Artist Feature!

Edible Podcast will be switching from morning to evening for the month of June! Check out OnAirWithSir.com’s Breakfast at Night Line-Up!

NEW Episodes AIR on onairwithsir.com Mon-Friday 7:30 & 10:30 PM EST and Saturday’s at 3:00PM EST FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE!

This Week on Edible Podcast:

Monday- Edible LGBTQ Music Artist Week: LIVE Interview w/ Aizhyy KO
Tuesday-Getting Discovered: LGBTQ Artists Taking Over w/ Aizhyy KO
Wednesday-Sensitive Bout My Shit: Becoming an Artist w/ Aizhyy KO Thursday Manifesting Music w/ Aizhyy KO
Friday Edible Artist Aizhyy KO Listening Party

Blue Honey Studios is the official Studio Sponsor of Edible Podcast and they’re Womxn-Centered!

Special Musical Guest: Aizhyy KO

Lit by Lezcronymz Productions!
Available on all streaming platforms!


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