LGBTQ Music Artist Original Sin Influenced by Old School Hip-Hop Classic “Oh Sheila.”

This week’s Edible Artist Original Sin.
Listen to ‘Dykeish” on Edible Podcast now!

This week’s Edible Artist Original Sin, comes to us from Blue Honey Studios, the Official Recording Studio of Edible Podcast!

Original Sin’s first official EP, City Lights Vol. One, dropped back in July and Sin plans to release their debut album City of God, sometime this Summer 2020!

Original Sin, 29 was born June 19, 1990 in the city of Philadelphia. Sin started out with a group of four known as the Frown Face Connections in 2009 and went solo in 2015. A recording artist and fashion designer, Sin has many talents and many musical influences coming from Philly’s rich music scene.

Sin represents the community of LGBT(Q) artists from around the world–if you can’t tell by the name of one of Sin’s single Dykeish. Original Sin is an artist that aims to inspire youth first and continues to make way for the future. Sin has a strong interest in Preserving and rehabilitating our communities.

A huge fan of Janet Jackson, old school Hip-Hop, Trap, Gangsta Rap, and R&B music you’re sure to get an eclectic composition of music & talent.

Look out for Original Sin’s upcoming Instagram LIVE Interview this week on Edible Podcast! You can listen to Oh Sheila on Apple Music now!

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Blue Honey Studios is the official Studio Sponsor of Edible Podcast and they’re Womxn-Centered!

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